Thursday, April 19, 2012

Robotic Arm

This is the Robotic Arm that I have been working on! I have been able to make more progress on it since I got another servo for easter. It is connected to the boe-bot right now. In the near future I plan on putting it on my FIRST Robotics Team's robot! There will definitely be a crimping fiesta when i do it because where the arm will work on the robot, is basically the farthest away that you can get from the Compact-Rio. If we can get our hands on another digital sidecar, to distribute the PWM outputs, then maybe I could stick that a lot closer to the arm and not have seven 3-foot PWM cables! That would also take a lot of wire. Then it will be able to do tasks such as pick up things and, well you could do many things with an arm.

Programming and School

I just found this comic to be hilarious!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Robotic Arm

I am working on a Robotic Arm designed by jjshortcut. His blog is here -

I am programming it in LabVIEW right now and am going to be able to put the arm on the robot of our Rogers FIRST Robotic team 4304's robot and be able to run it on that. I printed out a set of the materials on our laser at school, but the sheet of plexiglass was slightly curved, so some of the cuts don't work the best that they could.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Show on High powered lasers!

There is a show on the history channel right now about extremely high powered lasers. Lasers that you could blow up a plane with!! It is so cool!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


On friday and saturday I went with my Varsity team to Camp Nisqually to camp out there for the night and then do a service project in the morning. We slept in the A-frame! All 6 scouts that were there(including me) slept in the top level of the A-Frame. For dinner on friday night we had hobo dinners! They were really good! I brought 4 pounds of washed and cut carrots and ketchup and tinfoil! At about 10pm there was some rustling in the bushes and we saw a face that came up every few seconds. Then we saw the face behind one of the leaders cars which then it stood on top of the car. The face had wrinkles all over it and was ugly. Then it got off the car and started walking towards all of us! I was just sitting there with a blank face not moving anywhere while most of the other guys ran off, and Roman sprinted into the A-Frame and somehow almost just jumped into the top level of it. The thing looked like a sasquatch or something! Then it said something and I recognized his voice and I knew who it was! We took pictures, talked, and he left a couple minutes later! Someone from our ward had droven 45 minutes each way just to scare us! That was awesome! For the service project we chopped wood for two and a half hours straight. My body really hurt that night. Iwas so sore the next day!